Iberico Rib BBQ Dinner!!

It's time for another wonderful dinner provided by Nine Tale Team! This time we will be offering FREE delivery (for Seattle and Eastside areas) with optional pick-up; the meal will arrive ready prepared with instructions for reheating the ribs to finish them off perfectly!

This time however we will be featuring guest chef Julien Fusero! He will be creating the meals side of corn bread & an amazing Ginger Panna Cotta; here is a brief introduction:

"Hello my name is Julien Fusero I've worked as a chef and mainly pastry chef for the past 16 years and am always looking for new things and places to be creative at. I grew up in Hawaii and was taught how to cook and make pastries there, I did a stage in France for 5 months at a 1 star Michelin restaurant for pastry, and I now live in Washington for the past 6 years working for many different companies and bakeries. I'm trained in mainly French pastries and also Asian fusion. I love making chocolate bon bons and viennoiserie. Some of my favorite things to eat are cookies, chocolate mousse, fruit tarts, and macarons."

We can't wait to serve you all again!



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